"I've got this killer up inside of me... I can't talk to my mother, (friends, women, coworkers, associates, affiliates, city council, the internets, the homeless or even your mother) so I talk to my diary."

-that Scarface song from Office Space

Properganda 1

Patricia Hernandez, hard-working and inspirational editor for glorified-blog Kotaku.com, is a monkey’s uncle. […]

For those who kick The Durian...

I heard you eat Durian… didn’t know you liked to get wet, though… […]


Rangers Eat Nuts! #philosophy #art #satire (stated for the sake of the meandering educated fool) […]


Is this how you approach everyone you meet face to face? […]

The Second Ripened Durian Award

The second Ripened Durian Award goes to @Spainkiller, and it couldn’t be more banal. […]

The First Ripened Durian Award

The first ever Ripened Durian Award goes to “FuckboySugarbritches” or @winnersusedrugs after only a few exchanges. […]

How to use it

(The Award) […]

Sakujo and The Ripened Durian Award

The durian is a Southeast Asian fruit of […]

We're Just Ripping Through This Decade, Aren't We?

“Prose Before Hos” pt. II… the series! […]


These are the lyrics to the aesthetic emaciation found at:
https://historyabhorsaparadox.bandcamp.com/track/violet […]