"I've got this killer up inside of me... I can't talk to my mother, (friends, women, coworkers, associates, affiliates, city council, the internets, the homeless or even your mother) so I talk to my diary."

-that Scarface song from Office Space

Euphoric Derivations of Cunnilingus

Twisting accretion beneath the skirt of corona
Corrupting between the walls and in the tunnels of your sensuality
Personality tarnished through attention to me.

Our own tail is down our neck
Concretise this calumny
Antithetic rise in my confidence.

My erection of aplomb incites your slaver
But I would rather it remain as sorely
Fodder for me
Being the missing number,
A slattern like you
Excites my Clandestiny.

Saturnalia beclouds
A fog of crows, a haze in flight
The pulse in your blood
Irradiates my sight
You stolid, unremarkable beast
You quell, mollify
The hatred in me.

Derailed, rhyme and ratiocination:
The chain of logic to action.

It is not so advisable
To war for these aesthetics
A form so readily available
Though uncontrollably kinetic
An anarchy of affections.

Thus, malign the circumspect
That necessitate notions
Connoting gauche, gaudy self-disrespect:
Dieretic appendages become twinner
‘Till fingers, philandering, induce convulsions;
Amoral emetic.

This misconception
Blonde receptionist
Obfuscates my conference
Of indifference
My Bunburyist
A musical solecist
Harmonized for one daft lie.

Apparently there’s nothing to compare
No remit of texture for classification
Available anywhere;
For Humbert Humbert towards Perdition
Rick Helms that threatens your position;
Bogart of scathing wordplay
Lubricated for gainsay
A carrion crow on self esteem
D. Ripper in emission
Kain’s weariness abates

Conscience is at a demise
Pathology shows it’s been derived
Out of degeneracy
Though we hold a different monster astride;
Morphological synergy.

And we… and we…

Cassandra, Miranda,
Angelica and Katrina
Lady Macbeth, Mrs. Markum, Ayala,
Dagny, Dominique
And Kay Gonda.
Annie Adipose,
Denise Dipsomania,
Catherine Consternation
And Bri…
Abetting the cancer in me:

Yet to resist gives the gift
Of moral,
Oral apostasy
And sublimation, falsely.

-Winter 2006/Summer 2008

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