"I've got this killer up inside of me... I can't talk to my mother, (friends, women, coworkers, associates, affiliates, city council, the internets, the homeless or even your mother) so I talk to my diary."

-that Scarface song from Office Space

The Second Ripened Durian Award

The second Ripened Durian Award goes to @Spainkiller, primarily for exposing himself as a vapid, twitter-abusing jackhole; secondly for being a joke-stealing putz.

I first saw this on the evening that the “Quinnspiracy” was kicking into high gear and the starring sponge “Zoe” was supposedly being attacked for being a weak-willed child who loves attention only a bit more than she must love herself, as she remained amongst an online torrent of “harassment” in spite of supposedly having her personal information leaked, just to soak up as much of the pathos as one self-righteous sponge can hold. I assumed that Ari Hanson or EgoRaptor, was honestly sticking up for her, as many popular internet… eh, “tweeters” were doing that evening. I noticed a discrepancy right around the Feminist Frequency retweet near the bottom:

This discrepancy is quickly and easily explained, for those who do not know the infamy of Feminist Frequency in regards to gaming alone, by this (the original has been removed for reasons I’m not yet privy to), which I chose to send to the original poster, @Spainkiller, to gauge a reaction as someone who follows this “EgoRaptor”:

As someone who’s bio describes him as a “sex offender,” I assumed he would find the retweeting of his lament over Bayonetta 2’s possible obscurity by EgoRaptor interesting because of it’s context within his feed.

But no, instead he does this. And the confusion begins:

So I’m now a “feminist”…? Or wait… If he gets the joke, then he would have just retweeted me instead of altering what I said, with non-caps-twitter-idiot-speak that doesn’t appear to be typical for him, at the top, right before my name, making it look like I’m supporting her… w-wait. But if he is pro-Feminist Frequency, and retooling what I said as satire, why would he say this:

“This is the first one I saw”? So, if this is news to him, why post it in an incriminating manner against me for EgoRaptor to see? Because you want his attention, and you knew that he seemed to have been riding with the White Knight Cavalry in the defense of Zoe Quinn and feminism at the time? Well, that’s at least the question I wanted the answer to at the time.

However, @Spainkiller at this point had not responded to me, even though I asked him directly what he thought about EgoRaptor’s intentions with promoting both Feminist Frequency and Bayonetta 2 back to back. But, @Innominandum chimed in beforehand and did respond to me when I brought Anita Sarkeesian’s validity into question:

So now we have someone who claims to apparently not be aware of Antia Sarkessian being a con-artist, “digs” her videos, thinks she makes “strong” points, but  responds genially to someone who says “i hate feminists so much”. That’s fine, I don’t mind jumping into an electronic hive of sarcasm, but they could have at least told me to pull my pants up so I had a decent layer of wherewithal when they stung my ass.

Dennis here was continuing to be civil, and I provide this slight montage to prove that he was willing to debate and was not fully being the ironic hipster displayed in this twitter icon:

I’m not still under the impression that he was defending Spainkiller for Spainkiller’s sake, but I am learning slowly that when people are talking to people they have never met before in an anonymous manner, their defenses are completely at the ready, and that is a state of mind I never want to adopt, no matter how far I get into nominating these “awards.” A social interaction is only real if you make it real, and none of this counts as social interaction for me unless I can prove that the person at the other keyboard or touch screen has opened themselves up and spoken honestly (that was not too difficult for @winnersusedrugs), and damn is it depressing when you find someone’s conversational prowess peak so quickly.

If I speak to this “Dennis” again, I want to point out that he either seems to not understand what “misinformation” is and the motivations that go behind spreading it, or he doesn’t seem to know that “willful” ignorance even exists; the desire a person has to refrain from being challenged and the want to eat the shiniest apple that happens to fall in front of them first.

Back to the “story,” then.

Spainkiller did not chime into our discussion about Anita despite this having been the “first one” he “saw,” and having taken my words for some mysteriously droll end. So I nominated him when I saw this fairly “un” feminist tweet:

I tried to level with him, again… sort of. I called him out as a Sarkee supporter for a reaction, being under the impresion that his attempt to retweet me was missing my joke completely, and that he had taken me for a demagogue myself:

The whole Sarkeesian situation is a hypocritical house of cards. It’s proven that she has backed Zoe through this stupid tribulation of attention seeking, who due to the reason of her recent rise to “notoriety,” is clearly “sex-positive,” whether or not she declares herself a feminist or not. I don’t believe that Sarkee has outted herself as “sex-negative,” but watching her Women as Background Decoration video without a doubt will prove to anyone who hasn’t alienated their ability to feel insulted that she is anti-voluntary-ex-work in digitized worlds that attempt to represent reality (in terms of culture, at least) so there is no reconciling it with her as not being anti-voluntary-sex-work for non-polygonal, living women.

Anyone who supports or even pretends to support someone like this needs to have their middle-class card-mansion of self deception kicked over; a proven con-artist who buries the slight credulity anyone even mildly skeptical of her may have by ignoring their questions and censoring their arguments is a Benny Hinn of “Social Justice.”

Despite these reasons for me being so incensed by his possible hypocrisy, the answer is perhaps far more simple; I was the victim of Poe’s Law, Spainkiller actually thought I was serious with “Anita says ixnay on the AyonettaBay,” and refused later to acknowledge that he didn’t get it. But if that is true, why would he write “i hate feminists” above it, suffixed by my name, visible to EgoRaptor, someone who is currently at least pretending to tout social justice idioms on twitter. It’s a big deal out of nothing, of course. However, the point of the Ripened Durian Awards is to learn the “why” in all of this social internet nonsense; so, as long-winded as it may be, I needed to understand:

“Because I’m evil.” No, I think you’re an attention hungry fool who steals other people’s jokes. I knew a kid like that in school. He would retell something I had just said to a girl he liked right in front of my face because he thought it would get his little twelve-year old dick wet. It was… pretty rude.

“Because I thought it was funny.” No, if it was funny, you wouldn’t have wasted an extra few seconds unfunny-ing it on your own fake retweet. Either way, it’s up in the air; though all of Spainkillers dodgy nonsense is the kind of behavior that, when I recognize it in a person face to face I think, “this person’s soul is probably dog-shit.” And yeah, I took that from Bad Santa. At least I didn’t butcher it.

#RipenedDurianAward goes to @Spainkiller for: Sex. I want more of it; too obtuse to get my joke, too high on the smell of his own ass to admit it… or he simply retold it in a relatively poor manner.

Either way, keep ambiguously supporting the likes of Sarkee and I’ll see you in the mass graves (nod to Sargon of Akkad), you joke-pilfering, internet vagabond.

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