"I've got this killer up inside of me... I can't talk to my mother, (friends, women, coworkers, associates, affiliates, city council, the internets, the homeless or even your mother) so I talk to my diary."

-that Scarface song from Office Space

The First Ripened Durian Award

The first ever Ripened Durian Award goes to “FuckboySugarbritches” or @winnersusedrugs after only a few exchanges. These few “conversations” inspired the Ripened Durian Award due, not only to the vapidity present in the winner, but the confused, almost unanswerable replies of the winner’s electronic allies.

This is the first time I’ve ever tweeted another person in a semi-confrontational manner. I sought to do so after hearing about her on an episode of the Cheshire Cat Studios podcast (she’s mentioned at minute 31), one which was talking about poor, politically biased internet game journalism. A quick search of her twitter handle brought up that she is a “managing editor” on Gameranx.com, funnily enough, a website which has Ian Miles Cheong as “Editor in Chief.” I had already knew his name from what looked like an attempt to capitalize on the overblown Mighty No. 9 “Dina Disaster,” where he threw the word “misogynist” around to get hits:

Sorry, but one cannot be so easily “respectful and considerate” of someone that hasn’t earned respect or consideration. He would know this if he had any ounce of integrity regarding his experience with other human beings.

The comments on this article are rightfully skeptical of his “journalism.” So just like Kotaku and Gamespot, Gameranx cannot be trusted to separate gaming news from political, social justice activism.

After reading a hoard of miss “FuckboySugarbritches” tweets taking place within the span of a single day (none of which had anything to do with video games, journalism or gaming journalism, but more so sounded like the ravings of a confused child), I decided to call her out on attention-whoring with a light comment inspired by Harris Wittles:

Not very offensive. I was mostly going for a statement that would only be insulting by way of it’s accuracy. The next evening, I checked for a response. What I found was not very offensive, either… but just simply… weird for me. This is what I saw, and I was able to reply after about ten minutes of deliberating over what the hell was actually going on in the heads of her posse when they had responded so (including my eventual response at the bottom):

My knee-jerk reaction was leaning towards reiterating my point that she is an empty-headed, attention seeker with nothing to offer, someone who tweets more words than she speaks aloud to people in her physical presence, but I feel my point would have been more than lost on someone who’s response was “Yes very nice, cool.” She could have responded in Japanese and I would have had the same collection of thoughts.

I was then doubly-baffled by what the blatantly supportive “uggggggh,” “WOW” and “recording this for future use” meant. Does no one in these circles know how to communicate? Do they just jump in with the first semi-cogent grunt that enters the back of their throat and type it out?

Does “WOW” mean, “I can’t believe someone  even tried to call YOU of all people self-centered, childish and naive” (that’s at least what I was thinking, but I didn’t want it to sound that arrogant or the responses wouldn’t have been as interesting)? And “recording this for future use” means what, that what I said was so outlandish in calling someone who uses twitter for existential peace a “braggart” in so many words, that I’m going to be reported by him to the social justice police for harassment?

No, of course it doesn’t. But it’s definitely a silly, loaded thing to say. So I could only think to just say it back.

Right. You don’t know what it means, which is why I chose it. You and your retinue have no handle on language save for identifying the binary of whether someone immediately agrees with you or doesn’t. So now, for future reference, I know what “uggggggh,” means from these kinds of people. It means that one types words more quickly than one thinks them.

So I AM recording it for future use. I nominate @HanFreakinSolo as a future runner for this award due to his accidentally inspirational message.

Thus, this First Ripened Durian Award goes to @winnersusedrugs for the ironically self-deprecating tweet:

“pfft as if I’m subtle enough to humble brag in the first place. I”M GORGEOUS, BITCHES”.

She seems to think that she doesn’t need to capitalize words since she isn’t even writing sentences, but she sure as hell can SHIFT KEY the word “I” right quick.

She’s a video game journalist for fuck’s sa- …wa-wait a moment… THIS is the only thing I can find that she’s written that isn’t a tweet:

“Women are targeted…”

Damn it. She’s clearly just part of a quota that the “editor in chief” of gameranx.com seems to have mandated out of self-imposed masculine guilt (since everyone else on editorial staff is also dude). A quick review of a few days of her twitter feed might suggest that she isn’t qualified to boil rice, let alone be “Managing Editor” of a gaming website (perhaps that title is as close to a token as it sounds).

It looks like this first award was received by a thirteen year-old in a twenty-something year-old’s body because I  thought she actually had some journalistic integrity to attack… so I’ll be more discerning in the future.

Ian Miles Cheong is instead my next nominee, then.

An all around reference as to my inspiration for this series:

“Yellow Gaming Journalism”

1 comment to The First Ripened Durian Award

  • BrianshipPotemkin

    @HanFreakinSolo claims that he “co-wrote” Depression Quest, something I only knew existed at the end of August, before GamerGate began; so it seems that I actually had contact with these “SJW” online-activist, self-important politicos before even knowing that that was a class of person. Not so ironic after having read much of Ian Miles Cheong’s “work” on twitter in the past few months.

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