"I've got this killer up inside of me... I can't talk to my mother, (friends, women, coworkers, associates, affiliates, city council, the internets, the homeless or even your mother) so I talk to my diary."

-that Scarface song from Office Space

Brothers in Arms

I remember now
It is the beauty I wanted
A glass for the light: I will have mine
And thee thine which entwine
To script the world
My cup of radiance shall be
Amid the twisting vines of this shAbby existence
A tonic of my own design.

So the beggars and cowards with whom I’m entranced
Shall hold their sway
With a wave of my hand
Or with mine severed in theirs.

So enter if you dare:
Uncertainty and doubt have forged in me
A monument more enduring than bronze
Yet the soul whose glory is parallel and rippling through time
Is now standing at a door to join his brother-in-arms.

-Mephistopheles- or Matt Greggs, the Pants-less Scholar, 2005

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